What is Chalk Couture™?

I accidentally found Chalk Couture, and immediately I knew I wanted to know more! I was enamored from the get-go. I knew I wanted to join and sell for this company, even though I had no idea what that would entail. If you’re like me, you’re probably asking tons of questions like I was, such as:

  • What is Chalk Couture?

  • What kind of surfaces can I use with Chalk Couture™?

  • Can I make money with Chalk Couture?

  • Is this something anyone can do?

  • Can I make and sell items with Chalk Couture?

  • Can I start a business selling Chalk Couture products?

  • How much money can I really earn with Chalk Couture?

  • What is the income potential?

I’ll answer these questions in this post! If you have additional questions, please feel free to send me an email..

What is Chalk Couture?

Chalk Couture is a unique Chalk Transfer and Chalk Paste combination that you can use to simply create magical pieces of artwork. Chalk Couture is a collection of products that you use to create professional-looking chalkboards, home decor and so much more! You can make stunningly beautiful home decor and apparel items without any artistic skills at all. The products include reusable Chalk Transfers, a unique line of Chalk Pastes, and Specialty Surfaces.

  • REUSABLE Chalk Couture™ TRANSFERS: The Chalk Couture Transfer is a reusable adhesive silkscreen, which can be used on chalkboards, windows, glass, mirrors, tile, whiteboards, wood, painted furniture, fabric, and so much more. The Transfers are available in many different fun designs, styles, and sizes. With proper care, the transfer may be used as many as 15 times!

  • CHALKOLOGY™ CHALK PASTES: The Chalkology™ Chalk Paste is a removable, water-soluble crafting paste that goes on wet, dries hard, and washes off nonporous surfaces with water. It is used with Chalk Couture™ Transfers to create a beautiful design. Once the paste is dry, it will not smear or smudge and has a durable yet smooth texture/finish. It can be layered, glittered (while it’s wet) and even written on (once it is dry).

  • CHALKOLOGY™ INK: The Chalkology™ Ink offers permanent color when heat set and is ideal for fabric, apparel, and other soft surfaces. Read all use and care instructions for fabulous results, and test a small area on your favorite surface before use. Use an iron to heat-set on fabrics or an oven to heat-set on ceramics.

What Kind of Surfaces Can I Use With Chalk Couture™?

Originally, Chalkology™ Chalk Paste was specially formulated for use on Chalk Couture's porcelain steel chalkboards. The Paste has since developed into a much more versatile product and it can be used on a very large variety of surfaces. There are many different materials on the market being sold and used as chalkboard that you can use to create. Chalkology™ Chalk Paste can also be used on wood, glass, fabric, painted drywall, painted furniture, metal chairs, windows, tin décor, custom made chalkboards, items painted with chalkboard paint, and the list goes on! Different transfers can be combined for unique one-of-a-kind designs. The best part is you are only limited by your creativity!

How can I earn Money with Chalk Couture?

The income potential is really up to you! Many have been able to take this business opportunity and run with it, turning it into a truly life-changing source of income. Of course, that’s not the case for everyone. It is really up to you to decide how much time, effort and energy you want to invest. Just know that there is a HUGE opportunity here – there is nothing else like this and Chalk Couture's is still a young company. This is really a great time to get started!

If you’d love to become an Independent Chalk Couture's Designer here are a few things you need to know:

  • GET A DISCOUNT: When you sign up to become a designer you get 40% off all your products.

  • EXTRA ONE-TIME DISCOUNT: You also will get a ONE TIME use coupon for and additional 15% off after you sign up and get your starter kit. This is a GREAT way to stock up on inventory. Chalk Couture has made it easy for you to run your business how YOU want to run it.

  • HOBBY BUSINESS: If you love the products and want to make pretty things for your home only? That is UP TO YOU! You can sign up to get the 40% off discount!

  • MAKE IT A BUSINESS: If you want to start a Home Décor business, sweet! Sign up to get the discount on transfers and make beautiful products every day and start and Etsy shop or sell online or in store!

  • HOST MAKE & TAKES: If you want to host “make and take” events, where you teach classes and everyone leaves with beautiful décor…perfect! Sign up so you can purchase our amazing line or chalk transfers and chalk pastes and get partying today!

  • SELL YOUR CREATIONS: If vendor events and fairs are your thing, Chalk Couture is perfect for you! Our products demonstrate amazingly well at events! People love to try out our products first hand and usually end up buying more to do at home!

What do I need to know about Chalk Couture Requirements?

As a designer, you get 40% off on all your products. To remain a designer and be eligible for that discount your only requirement is a minimum personal volume of $150 per quarter (beginning the following quarter after you start). This includes the wholesale amount of product orders you place, or orders that come in from your website sales.

There is a $19.99 fee that is charged monthly to you, this pays for your website to use with Chalk Couture and you will earn 25% on all website sales that come in. Chalk Couture handles all the processing and shipping! The fee also includes one Club Couture transfer (valued at $17.99) every month shipped to your door!

The monthly fee is waived the first month and charged thereafter. I always say it’s easy to recoup, if you just make one thing with that transfer and sell it, you’ll get your money back!

Create Your Own Future

Designers enjoy freedom, fun, and the potential to live their best life. You’ll get a meaningful, flexible income opportunity (and a cool way to work from home). It’s a great time to join the high-end DIY revolution!

Enrolling is easy:

1. Your Designer is Melanie Gilstrap (this is me!).

2. Order your Starter Kit. Take a peek at all the goodies in our current Starter Kit (scroll down for the current contents).

3. Grow with us your way! We welcome you to sell our fabulous products, hold workshops, or build a Team!

Let's Breakdown the Benefits—Show me the money! Our Compensation Plan is the best in the business!

  • Earn up to 40% on all inventory you sell at the retail price.

  • Earn up to 25% on all Chalk Site website sales.

  • Build and grow your Team to achieve your dream.

  • Strive for product credit, bonuses, and incentives!

Still have questions? Please contact me by email.

What comes in the Chalk Couture Starter Kit?

When you sign up on my team as a Chalk Couture Independent Designer, you will receive this amazing starter kit! It contains over a $240 value, and includes the following items:

Spring/Summer 2020 Kit Contents

  • Start-Up Guide, Spring/Summer Catalog 2020

  • Thank You Cards (12-Pack)

  • Chalk Couture® Apron

  • Small Squeegee

  • 7 Chalk Transfers™ (Various Sizes): Love Brings Us Home (A), RV There Yet? (A), Dive Into Sunshine Minis (B), When Life Gives You Lemons (B), Business Builder—Ask Me How (B), Business Builder—Join My Team (B), Club Couture™ Transfer Of The Month (B)

  • 5 Chalkology™ Pastes (3 Oz. Jars): Bright White, Guava, Bumblebee, Couture Teal, Spring Zing

  • Couture Gallery™ Aiden White Frame (9” × 12”) , Pallet Sign (5½” X 7½”, NOT SHOWN), 

  • Couture Boutique™ Chalkable Chips™ (Black, 12-Pack, 3”, Round)

**This Kit Has A Retail Value Of More Than $250 USD. Contents Subject To Change.

Is there training to use Chalk Couture?

Chalk Couture™ has many trainings available, which you’ll gain access to once you sign up. Also, in our team we have numerous trainings as well. We also have many videos and photos you can use and share to build excitement with your social media and get your business off to a fantastic start! We’re also working on team trainings in person too!

The possibilities are endless!

Do you have more questions? I’d love to speak with you about joining, feel free to send me an email.

Chalk Couture™ Independent Designer #127143

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