"Fingerpainting" Technique with Chalkology Pastes and Chalk Couture

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

I named this technique "fingerpainting", because that's basically all I'm doing to apply the Chalkology Pastes to my transfer. First let's talk about what you'll need to get started. Here is what I used:


Watch the time-lapse video here:


1. Start with a clean, dry surface.

2. Use the Chalk Couture Fine Mist Sprayer to add water to selected Chalkology Pastes. Stir with a Stir Stick until you achieve a creamy consistency (much like Greek yogurt).

3. Cut apart the separate sections of the transfer using a pair of sharp scissors or the Transfer Trimmers.

4. Using a black Sharpie, label the back of each transfer with the name of the transfer set and the description of the section.

5. Peel off the backing paper of the mixed drink glass section of the transfer and set aside. Place the mixed drink glass transfer on the Fuzzing Cloth to remove some of its' stickiness (this will allow the transfer to peel off easily from the surface.)

6. For the first mixed drink, I used the Chalkology Pastes in Bright White, Citrus Splash and Spring Zing.

7. I use my fingertip on my ring finger to apply the White. Then I used my middle finger to apply the Citrus Splash. Next I used my pointer finger to apply the Spring Zing. I overlap the previous color to blend them together and create a gradient.

8. I then used the squeegee to remove the excess paste...wiping it on a paper towel instead of placing it back in the jar. I didn't want to contaminate the other colors.

9. I peeled off the transfer and placed it face-down in a tray of water. (I will clean it ASAP! See the post about HOW TO CLEAN YOUR TRANSFER.)

10. I dried this mixed drink glass with my blow dryer on a high, warm setting. I want to be sure it is dry before I proceed to the next transfer.

11. I cleaned my transfer (see HOW TO CLEAN YOUR TRANSFER) and dried it with the blow dryer, so I could use it for the second mixed drink.

12. I placed my mixed drink transfer and my title section (after fuzzing it on my Fuzzing Cloth).

13. Using the Bright White, Peony and Raspberry Sorbet Chalkology Pastes and the Multi-Tool, I colored the title. I removed any excess paste with my squeegee and placed it back into the corresponding jar.

14. For the mixed drink on the right, I repeated the technique in Step 7 using the Bright White, Peony and Raspberry Sorbet Chalkology Pastes.

15. I peeled off the transfers and place them face-down into the tray of water.

16. I dried those two elements completely.

17. Next I use the cherry section of the transfer and placed it on my glass. I didn't want it to be sitting up on top, so I masked off the portion with the Placement Tape that would make it look as though it was sitting down in the drink. (*Be sure to de-fuzz the Placement Tape, because I forgot!)

18. I used Candy Apple Chalkology Paste with the Multi-Tool to color the cherry.

19. Repeat this step using the lime section of the transfer on the left side glass. I used Spring Zing Chalkology Paste to color the lime.

19. Mask off the portion that would be down in the glass like I did on the video. (*Don't forget to fuzz that Placement Tape also!)

20. Finally I added a toothpick in to the glass on the left using Raspberry Sorbet Chalkology Paste.

21. VOILA! I have created an adorable, whimsical, colorful piece of home decor to display on my kitchen bar.

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