"Can I put clear gesso on my paint by number canvas if I have already started painting it?"

This is the most commonly asked question for paint by number enthusiasts. I get this question several times a day, either on the Facebook group or on my YouTube videos. I decided that the best way to answer it is to record a video of what happens if you add clear gesso over your acrylic paint.

I've been working on "Color Soul Tiger" for over a year now. He is GORGEOUS! The only problem is that his palette is predominately made up of warm colors and yellow-based greens. What does that mean to me? TROUBLE! Most of those kinds of paints don't have a lot of pigment; therefore, they just don't cover well the first time. This painting is too intricate for me to paint sections over and over again. I had already laid down one layer of clear gesso before I started, but this canvas really needed a second coat. Since I had already done most of the painting, I thought this would be the perfect example for me to use in this video. Allow me to demonstrate...

Because I am using a CLEAR gesso (be sure you get the right kind here or here), it will dry clear over the top of your acrylic paints. I don't encourage you to do this every time, but if you are new and didn't know a thing about clear gesso before you started your painting, don't panic. You CAN add it over the top of the painted sections, and you will never notice it in your completed project.

So you see, you can't tell the difference once it is dry if you have to add some clear gesso after you start painting.

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